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Path To Gaea
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  • Genre:
  • Developer:
    Astrild Games
  • Publisher:
    Astrild Games
  • Language:
    EN / Multi7​​​​​​​
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    Not required
  • System Requirements
    CPU: Intel Core i5-3450
    RAM: 4 GB​​​​​​​
    OS: Windows 10 / 11 (64 bit)​​​​​​​
    Video Card: AMD Radeon RX 570 or higher​​​​​​​
    Free Disk Space: 1 GB
Embark on a captivating journey of discovery and intrigue in "Path to Gaea," a turn-based puzzle-adventure game that delves into the eternal conflict between good and evil. As the protagonist, Kitsune, you are accompanied by a faithful companion named Wisp as you navigate through a series of intricate puzzles and unravel the enigma surrounding Gaea's Crystal.

The gameplay revolves around turn-based mechanics, requiring you to strategically solve puzzles and overcome obstacles throughout your quest. Each puzzle presents a unique challenge, testing your problem-solving skills and requiring you to think creatively to progress further. As Kitsune, you wield your cunning and wit, utilizing the assistance of your loyal Wisp to overcome the various trials that lie in your path.

The underlying story in "Path to Gaea" revolves around the struggle between good and evil, providing a narrative backdrop for your puzzle-solving adventure. As you delve deeper into the game, you will uncover the secrets and mysteries surrounding Gaea's Crystal, an artifact of immense power. The journey is infused with a sense of discovery, as you seek to unravel the truth and determine the ultimate fate of the crystal.

The presence of Wisp, your loyal companion, adds a touch of companionship and assistance throughout your adventure. Wisp's unique abilities and guidance will prove invaluable in navigating the challenges and unlocking the secrets of Gaea's Crystal. The synergy between Kitsune and Wisp creates a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

"Path to Gaea" offers a visually appealing world, immersing players in a vibrant and atmospheric environment. The puzzles are intricately designed, providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment when successfully solved. The game strikes a balance between challenge and accessibility, ensuring that players of all skill levels can enjoy the puzzle-solving adventure.

If you are drawn to puzzle-based gameplay, captivating storytelling, and a visually pleasing experience, "Path to Gaea" promises to deliver an engaging and thought-provoking journey. Assume the role of Kitsune, team up with your trusty Wisp companion, and embark on a quest to unlock the secrets of Gaea's Crystal.
Path To GaeaPath To GaeaPath To Gaea
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