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  • Genre:
  • Developer:
    Phobia Game Studio
  • Publisher:
    Devolver Digital
  • Language:
    EN / Multi11
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    Not required
  • System Requirements
    CPU: 2 core processor
    RAM: 1 GB
    OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bit)
    Video Card: compatible with OpenGL 3.0
    Free Disk Space: 500 MB
Carrion is a horror game in which you play the role of a predator, an amorphous creature of unknown origin. Hunt down and drown everyone involved in your arrest and spread fear and panic throughout the lab. Growth, development and acquisition of increasing destructive abilities on the way to freedom and bloody revenge. Fate decided to spend most of its life behind bars, controlling all prisoners and establishing its own cruel rules. This gave you more and more strength to leave the world. They kill victims in the worst possible way and gradually find new ones. The game takes place from the outside, so you can control everything that happens. The monster you are moving to is looking for various dark places to look for victims. The more kills in the collection, the more you can implement new ideas. But first you have to download Carrion torrent in Russian the latest version from our site. Destroy everyone who stands in your way, paint the walls of this center bright red, avoid various defense systems, smash various mechanisms and equipment with your own tentacles and enjoy a really brutal and incredibly brutal game. First of all, it's worth mentioning that in this game you will find a huge number of bloody battles in which you can make fun of ordinary people at your discretion. As in terrible tension, they roam the ventilation systems, enter the laboratory staff room, destroy the guards, spread screams, scare people into toilets and other equally unexpected places, and create chaos and bloody mess. Also, blood and flesh are the simplest procedures - each of your opponents runs the risk of becoming a bloody piece of meat, losing their body, head or limbs, or eating you to replenish their health reserves.

All this sounds at least curious what can be said about the colossal level of cruelty and the constant desire to bleed. We recommend that you do not waste a lot of time and just start an active game. Don't worry, the result will live up to your expectations, and you can create an incredibly powerful and dangerous monster that needs further development. And to follow his desires or not, you decide for yourself. All in all, we invite you to be active and successful. We wish you a good atmosphere and good luck in this challenging work. But above all do not forget to download Carrion torrent full version in Russian. The time has come to change this world, to make it more dangerous and unpredictable for everyone. Start with a small, almost invisible creature and find your first victim. Immediately after the kill, the character immediately becomes larger, faster and stronger. The more enemies he kills, the stronger he is. He gradually acquires new destructive abilities and the ability to kill all people in the research center. Games are not difficult to manage. Everything is almost intuitive. It's fun to play and some of the twists and turns are really impressive. There is an opportunity to creatively solve the problem. All components of the game create a special atmosphere. Playing as a monster is an unusual gaming experience that is definitely worth trying if you are a fan of this genre.

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