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    Darkflow Software
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    Gaijin Entertainment
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  • System Requirements
    OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
    Processor: Intel Core i3
    RAM: 8 GB
    Video card: Nvidia GeForce 660 / AMD Radeon 78XX series, DirectX 11
    Disk space: 12 GB
Massively multiplayer 3-D shooter about the events of World War II. Among the countries represented are the USSR, Germany and the USA. There are quite a few games on a similar topic, but this version has its own unique zest, among which is incomparable gameplay. In addition, among the many companies represented in the game, there are a number of military confrontations of those years that have real historical accuracy.

You should decide which side you are on. After that, familiarize yourself with the features of the game interface and master control not only of your protagonist, but also of a separate detachment that will carry out orders given directly by you. One way or another, bloody confrontations await you, both on open battlefields and in the conditions of street battles. The main combat missions will be - to hold controlled territories and seize lands on which the enemy forces are located.
Game mechanics

The game is presented with a first-person view. Learn to navigate the terrain using the available maps. The mass of various weapons presented in the game will require a certain skill in its use. Since the dynamics of the game is very high, a lot will depend on your reaction and agility. In the game, Enlisted download torrent of which, perhaps on our free game resource - you can use ground military equipment, including heavy tanks and artillery. In addition, the developers have provided gamers with the opportunity to participate in the so-called battle royale. In this case, one of the parties is trying with all its might to hold onto its territory and defensive points, while the other is trying to knock the rivals out of their fortifications. The methods of counteraction, for each of the parties, in such a confrontation are absolutely different and individual.

This is a worthy military shooter worth trying your hand at. As soon as you plunge into the acting atmosphere, saturated with adrenaline, you will certainly want to win.

Features of Enlisted
- Armament. In the game, the visual and technical features of the weapons used are reliably conveyed. This is manifested in the degree of recoil, when the shot is fired, as well as in the visual reliability of the behavior of cartridges flying in different directions, the rate of fire and accuracy of hits.
- Graphics. Quite a worthy display of natural landscapes, buildings, military equipment and, in fact, the opponents themselves.
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