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Heat Guardian Re-Frozen Edition
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  • Release Date:
  • Genre:
  • Developer:
    Denis Rudoy
  • Publisher:
    Nikita Kaf Publishing
  • Language:
    EN / Multi
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    Not required
  • System Requirements
    CPU: Intel i3
    RAM: 4 GB
    OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bit)
    Video Card: GeForce GTX 660
    Free Disk Space: 500 MB
Heat Guardian is a hardcore top-down shooter set in a freezing world. You’ll have to travel through the dying lands to find the one last stronghold of humanity – trying your best to stay alive. Deadly mutants, limited resources and even the world itself make this journey a trial only the most skilled survivors can endure. In this grim place there is no easy way – prepare to fight for your life!

Our world is dead. What’s left of humanity is scattered over the ruins of civilization consumed by the endless winter. Mutants are the new dominant species – they hunt down everyone unlucky enough to survive the apocalypse. And you are one of those who keep fighting for their lives amidst all the horror.

Surviving is a skill to master in Heat Guardian. Your foes are lethal and your ammo is scarce. On top of that you can’t escape the main enemy – it’s in the air you breathe. Cold rules everything around and surviving means staying warm. Fail – and you’ll freeze to death.

- Atmosphere. The world is dead, the remains of humanity are living their last days. Can you find a glimmer of hope in this cruel winter?
- A full-scale story campaign. A dangerous journey split between 40 levels – sure it won’t be a brief ride.
- Hardcore action. Mastering the game’s combat is a process of trial and error – you’ll see the ‘Game over’ screen a lot before learning to fight back.
- Surviving the endless winter. Keep yourself warm and count your ammo to stay alive in this harsh new world.
- Post-Soviet aesthetic. Heat Guardian takes place on the ruins of Eastern Europe.
- Tools of survival. More than 50 weapon types and tools to help you in your path.
- Fight-till-you-die mode. Additional game mode for the diehards – how long can you last against endless waves of enemies?
Heat Guardian Re-Frozen EditionHeat Guardian Re-Frozen EditionHeat Guardian Re-Frozen EditionHeat Guardian Re-Frozen EditionHeat Guardian Re-Frozen EditionHeat Guardian Re-Frozen Edition
Gameplay Trailer Heat Guardian Re-Frozen Edition

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