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Global Pandemic - End of Times
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Global Pandemic is a game where you survive in a world with zombies, in which people turned after the World Elite began infecting people with the C19 virus, in the hope of finding a cure for all human diseases.

Game features:
- Confidential Report - Events leading up to the Hoffman City incident.
- In early 2020, the Sentinel Corporation became the largest commercial entity in the world. Every home has their tracking technology, and the political influence of the Sentinel Corporation was felt everywhere. Publicly, it is the world's leading provider of technology, medical supplies, and healthcare, but in reality, Sentinel made money from military technology, genetic experimentation, and chemical weapons.
- The company conducted its experiments in several locations with different divisions. The biological weapons unit was led by a man who lobbied politicians to endorse Sentinel's deadly C19 virus as a cure for most of the known human diseases. C19 was first synthesized by Sentinel Corp in 1945 at the Hive Facility, an underground military bunker located west of Hoffman City. The entire city was locked from the outside, and its population regularly participated in military trials of people. Only in 2020, C19 began to spread to the masses as a remedy for all diseases. This drug had an unpleasant side effect that turned its carriers into the walking dead. It was all an elaborate plan for the Sentinel and the World Elite to seize land. Now you must find out the truth.
Global Pandemic - End of TimesGlobal Pandemic - End of TimesGlobal Pandemic - End of Times
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