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Collapse: Dilogy
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  • Release Date:
    2008 - 2010
  • Genre:
  • Developer:
  • Publisher:
    Buka Entertainment
  • Language:
    EN / Multi
  • Crack:
    Not required
  • System Requirements
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3,0 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 2500+
    RAM: 1 GB (XP) / 2 GB (Vista / 7)
    OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 7800 or Radeon Х1800
    Free Disk Space: 3 GB
Collapse (2008)
This is the history of Rodan, the history of our world, the history of the fate of mankind. When Rodan used the keys and entered the center of the anomaly, he performed only part of his mission. The hero did not save humanity. The anomaly broke into many small pieces, from which began to appear more and more new monsters. But Rodan did not die - after the monsters appeared from the particle anomalies, he was between three fires: monsters, bandit groups and military. There was only one task left - to break out of this hell.

Collapse: The Rage (2010)
The history of Rodan continues, and you will not only monitor its development, but also take direct part in Rodan's actions in order to save the whole of mankind. Those who played in the first part know that the protagonist has inserted keys to block access of monsters to our world, however, after a short period of time it becomes clear that it was not better, and the anomaly itself was literally torn to a lot of small particles, from which are also all pulled out by monsters in an incredibly large number. The bandits began to hate the protagonist even more after the events of the first part, and the military even took it as a real threat to the whole world, so they are trying to kill Rodan right away. The existence of the protagonist is more like a torture in Hell, however, there is little hope of getting out of this place. The only logical option for the protagonist will be the destruction of all anomalies, as well as the complete destruction of all monsters that continue to break out of nowhere. Improved graphics has become an excellent improvement, and the slightly modified shooting physics will increase the overall sense of realism from the game.
Collapse: DilogyCollapse: DilogyCollapse: Dilogy
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4.06 GB

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