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Forge of Empires
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    Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
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    RAM: 512 MB or more
    Video Card: 512 MB DirectX® 9.0 compatible
Forge of Empires is an action strategy game where the main goal is to create and develop the most powerful, strong and modern metropolis. For a pleasant game, you will have to build a variety of buildings, invent and implement new developments, learn how to earn money and collect resources. But do not forget about your residents, you will need to take care of them, create favorable conditions for life. You will also have to create a large and strong army so that you are ready for even the most unexpected attacks and certainly expand your areas. If you are already interested in this game, then right now you can download Forge of Empires torrent Russian version on a PC on our Internet resource. In the game you can visit several historical resources. You start the game from the earliest years, back in the Stone Age. Passing each stage, go to other eras, even to iron and bronze. In each historical period, you will have the opportunity to create the newest technological solutions, in the most unexpected areas. You will be able to improve the functioning of your city, with a variety of ways, such as working with wood or stone, inventing ceramics or glass.

Forge of Empires you will play alone, but you will also fight other players in combat. Therefore, if you want to have fun and interesting time, then you definitely need to download Forge of Empires to your computer and immerse yourself in the world of fantasy. The developers have also tried on the graphics, you can easily switch from a view of the city to a map of the whole earth. After looking at the whole land, you can make the right decision and think through all your moves on how to increase your territory. To gain access to new divisions, you will have to develop new technologies all the time. Separately, I would like to note the work of the authors for the fact that they were able to convey the architectural styles of all historical eras as clearly as possible, did not spoil them with various cartoon graphics, and so on. Everything in the game depends on you and your decisions, every mistake can be the last. Therefore, develop, expand your army and borders.
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