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Elvenar - a mysterious fantasy world. In this beautiful city building game, you can choose to side with humans or elves. As the ruler of the city, you have to lead your people to prosperity. Powerful magic is submissive to mysterious elves, which can be seen from the buildings and creatures, but people are fluent in medieval weapons and technologies.

In the fantasy-themed game Elvenar, almost all buildings can be upgraded multiple times; while their appearance is also changing and becoming more impressive. The main hall, factories, workers' houses, residential buildings and many other buildings are waiting for improvement from your skillful hands. Turn your tiny village into a majestic kingdom!

Complete exciting tasks on the world map, explore the area around the city, collect rare relics that speed up production. And don't forget to research advanced technologies! You can become a skilled and renowned merchant, improve your production or lead your troops to victory in 3D animated battles - it's up to you.

The magical world of Elvenar is filled with dozens of races, but the most advanced of them are people who have known the greatness of science, and elves, masters of ancient magic. You have to take control of the city of one of the races and make it the greatest in the vast world of the game. However, success can only be achieved with the help of allies - unite with thousands of players of your race and repel your opponents. Each battle in Elvenar takes place in a turn-based mode and is very similar to the battles in the third part of "Heroes of Might and Magic" - you also move units around the field from hexes, attack enemy units, put your warriors on defense and use spells.

During the game, you will complete hundreds of tasks, each of which is given a valuable reward, and you will learn many secrets of the ancient world of Elvenar. Become the mighty ruler of mankind and bring progress to the magical lands, or follow the ancient traditions and keep the covenants of the ancestors as the lord of the elves in the vast world of Elvenar!
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