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Galactic Inheritors
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  • Release Date:
  • Genre:
  • Developer:
    Crispon Games
  • Publisher:
    Plug In Digital, Argonauts Interactive
  • Language:
    EN / FR / GER / ES
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  • System Requirements
    CPU: 1.8 GHZ
    RAM: 1 GB
    OS: Windows7 / 8 / 10
    Video Card: Nvidia GT/s 4xx or equivalent
    Free Disk Space: 500 MB
GALACTIC INHERITORS is a new space 4X game from Crispon Games and published by Argonauts Interactive. The game focuses on science fiction, strategy and empire building.
Colonise solar systems and watch them grow. Explore the galaxy to find its strategic choke points. Build up your empire and your fleet and then use the power of the media to prepare your people for the inevitable war. At the same time watch your opponents, keep on an eye on their own media and

- Explore the Galaxy, look for the key choke points to guard your empire and cut off your opponents avenues of expansion.
- Research technologies to gain new ships and solar system improvements.
- Improve your solar system's infrastructure to take advantage of your investment.
- Build up your navy, gain experience in ship building and unlock powerful new bonuses for your ship designs and building partners.
- Use the power of the media to steer your people opinions of your neighbours, but pay attention of what their media say too.
- Manage your empire bonuses over time to reach your conquest goals.
- Keep on your toes! The galaxy is treacherous and bad (or good) surprises are waiting for you throughout the game.
Galactic InheritorsGalactic InheritorsGalactic Inheritors
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How to Install
1. Mount ISO Image with DaemonToolsLite and install the game
2. Copy content of the folder "POSMOSTREM" to the installed games directory (with replace)
3. Play

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