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Dust to the End
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    CPU: Intel Core i3
    RAM: 1 GB
    OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bit)
    Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce GT 760
    Free Disk Space: 2 GB
Nuclear wars ended human civilization,the survivors hid in the underground shelter through a stagnant but safe century. When the radiation from the ground gradually dissipates,the survivors returned to the surface and began the reconstruction of civilization.Sadly, mankind has failed to learn from the tragic end of the last round of civilization, and the history of deceit is repeating itself in the wasteland. In order to compete for land and resources, emerging forces began to fight against each other, chaos in everywhere.Not long ago, a human trafficking organization called the "Black Death" ransacked an shelter called "507". After looting, a large number of residents became slaves.As the lucky one of 507, you escaped a catastrophe, but survival is never easy.When you walk out of the ruins of 507 and come to this wasteland world, these choices are already in front of you.

Game Features
- Semi-open world map.When you move on the big map, you will encounter all kinds of monsters, beasts, bandits, emergencies and harsh natural environment challenges.
- There are more than 50 cities and towns of different sizes and more than 100 kinds of trading goods in the game for players to find out the property and demand, run business transactions, and earn the difference.
- 9 categories of weapons. Different weapons can release different combat skills. Reasonable and ingenious skill matching can make fighting more effective.
- Each mercenary has his/her own personality, which determines the mercenary's mood and team status, which in turn affects the team's combat effectiveness and attitude.
- Inquire about informations, explore bunkers, establish and operate underground bases, and gain output.
- Wasteland-style design, with more than 40 exquisite character drawings.
- Multiple endings, different dialogue choices will affect the plot direction and the final ending.
Dust to the EndDust to the EndDust to the End
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How to Install
1. Copy the game to any place on your hard drive
2. Copy content of the folder "Crack" to the games directory (with replace)
3. Play

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